Girls Hostel
Harijan Seak Sangh is running a Girls Hostel in the Campus. 60 Girls most of them from North-Eastern States are staying in the campus and studying in Delhi University. They also observe cultural activities based on the events of National importance.

You have been asked to appear in person before the Managing Committee, Mata Kasturba Girls Hostel, Harijan Sevak Sangh on 7th August 2010 at 04 PM to explain about the Ragging incident that took place on August 04, 2010 but you have neither reported nor informed about your absence.

You are also aware of the fact that remaining out of the hostel without due permission from the warden is considered as breach of discipline in the Hostel. You have again been asked to appear before the same committee on 16th August 2010, at 4 p.m. again you did not make it possible for the committee to look into the raging issue in an impartial manner.

In the light of the above facts it appears that you are not interested in perusing this matter which is a serious in nature. Therefore, you are hereby given last chance to summit your written statement latest by 20th August, 2010 by 4 p.m. sharp. Failing, it will further presume that you are also not interested in retaining hostel accommodation. Therefore why you should not be asked to vacate the hostel.