Harijan Sevak Sangh was relevant in 1932 to save the society from disintegration, it is relevant even today to strengthen social fiber by creating mutual trust between the different castes to have a society based on humanity. Harijan Sevak Sangh can also play a vital role to empower the young boys & girls particularly belonging to Scheduled caste by providing them vocational training, financial assistance, marketing network and technology input from the existing schemes initiated by the Govt. of India, a road map can be prepared to achieve this goal. Harijan Sevak Sangh is founded by Mahatma Gandhi, nourished by The Mahatma Gandhi,therefore, it has a great responsibility in establishing an egalitarian and democratic society and Nation as a whole.
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Industrial Training Centre

Tech Mahindra Smart Academy for Healthcare

Harijan Sevak Sangh is running a successful Industrial Training Centre at Chennai. Students belonging mostly to the schedule caste community are getting regular training from this centre. Short term training and long term training courses are also conducted in the Campus. Study tours of the students are organized.

Harijan Sevak Sangh was running one Harijan Udyogshala which was responsible to provide vocational training to the children of schedule caste community. Now we are trying to revive the same in our Delhi campus.

The successful running of Industrial Training Centre at Chennai has inspired Harijan Sevak Sangh to replicate the same in other parts of the country. We are of the firm view that an entrepreneurial development Programme is the only way to generate employment and bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

Vocational Training with the thrust on technology intervention can address the problem of unemployment and poverty in a big way.

Industrial Training Centre

Prakritik Chikitsa is one area which was closer to the heart of Mahatma Gandhi. He himself practiced naturopathy and recommended others also to follow naturopathy principle. While emphasizing the importance of naturopathy, he himself said that after independence, whatever time is left with him, most of it, will be spent for the promotion of naturopathy. Harijan Sevak Sangh was established by Mahatma Gandhi. It is in the fitness of things that naturopathy centre should be added to the other activities of Harijan Sevak Sangh. Therefore the Prakritik Jeevan Kendra was established in the premises of Harijan Sevak Sangh. Till date it is only O.P.D. (Out Door Patient Department). We are planning also to have In Door Patient (I.P.D.) but it is taking time because of the financial constraints of Harijan Sevak Sangh. But it is a matter of satisfaction for us that though there are limitations, but even then Prakritik Jeevan Kendra is working to the satisfaction of needy persons. A small juice Bar having Neem Juice, Alovera Juice, Ambla Juice, Bottle Gourd Juice etc. etc. are available in Juice Bar. It is also gaining popularity and people come from adjoining areas and make use of this Juice Bar.

Mahatma Gandhi Yoga Wellness Centre:

During the 150th Anniversary celebrations of Swami Vivekananda, Morariji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Govt. of India initiated District Yoga Wellness Centres to give yoga training to the aspiring citizen of the country. This project was only for three years. One such project was sanctioned to Harijan Sevak Sangh. We successfully completed three years and project was closed by Morarji Desai National institute of Yoga. They stopped financial assistance to this project. But we decided to continue this centre, even without the financial help from any source. I am happy to mention here that our efforts are producing result and our yoga centre, without getting any financial assistance from Govt. of India is gaining popularity and this centre has become self sustainable. Four classes are conducted every day with Sunday as Holiday. One evening class is also conducted. People from adjoining areas are appreciating these efforts and making use of the yoga centre. It is not merely a yoga training centre but also using yoga as a treatment source to treat the patients.

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